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Purchased tires last year-brought car in for front alignment on 1-24-2011.Was told we needed to purchase one new tire.

Purchased tire they took car in back- of store to perform service.

Drove car home in slow traffic on a busy road. Next time car driven was on highway-1-31-2011 at 5:30AM windy morning 55 miles per hour- the hood came up and went over windshield. I feel they pulled hood release instead of parking brake release and never closed it properly.

Total number of miles 7- since alignment. Car travels to N.J 2-6 times a month never had this problem. When I called Earl he had the corporate rep contact me who basically said prove that we did pull the hood release and there must be a problem with the hood latches.

Denied any responsibility and suggested that I should submit to my insurance for coverage of damages,We are now replacing the parts that were damaged, out of pocket..Thankful that no one was injuried in our car or any car behind ours on the highway.

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I purchased all season tires and went in for free rotation. Fat *** comes out all arrogant with his depth mic that he probable can't read right anyway and tells me that the tires are cracking should think about new ones. there were no cracks they just lie and cheat


Town Fair Tire stole tire, so I would have to buy 4 new tires,.

They acknowledge the loss of the tire, yet will only reimburse for 1 tire, although they sent e-mail they would reimburse 75% of remaining 3 tires, plus full amount for missing tire|.

Went to store who said it was only for their cost, not my printed receipt:. Spoke to customer service at corporate who stated they will not honor e-mail amount, only 1 tire". I have written documents, that they are unwilling to acknowledge|.

It is their mistake and I should not have to purchase 4 new tires at full retail cost from their store/.

• Town Fair Tire lost 1 of my 4 matched summer tires during a recent snow tire change over|.

• They are no longer manufactured;.

• Rafael stated that they would be able to get a comparable tire, but not the same.

• I don't want mismatched tires on the car.

• I am requesting 4 new tires, or a refund of the purchase price for the tires $483.36 ($114.00 per tire with 6% sales tax).

10-28-2011 (Everett, MA)

Paid $42.50 for balancing and new valve stems for "free" snow tire change over from summer tires.

--They replaced only 1 valve stem, not all 4. Service writer verified.

--Requested to fix a flat, they didn't.

(The actual rim was damaged, but not notified until I went to a different company.)

11-28-2011 (Everett, MA)

Took car back to Town Fair Tire a month later...

Paid another $42.50 a month later for balancing and new valve stems for "free" snow tire change over back to the summer rims due to a leaking rim, not fixed nor notified of the first time.

--Waited 3 hrs getting snow tires changed over to nice summer rims.

--They did not put spare back in place.

-- Lost my personal allen wrench to *** cover

(They did give me a replacement one after I mentioned it).

--They lost 1 of my matched tires. Service writer notified. Not resolved at this time.

Previous trips…. (Danvers, MA)

Snow tire change over, tires only had 15 PSI which was very dangerous, since it is supposed to be 32 PSI.

Another time…(Danvers, MA)

Key to remove rim cover was not returned. Had to buy a new wrench from Koenig about 18 bucks with shipping.

Another time….(Danvers, MA)

2nd time Key to remove rim cover was not returned.

Bought allen bolts so I wouldn’t have to buy another specialty wrench from Koenig.

The allen wrench for the new screws is now missing after this last visit.

(They did give me a replacement wrench after mentioning it was gone).

Another time….(Everett, MA)

Tried to buy new tires by matching prices.

I arrived to buy the tires, and asked to see the tires before they put them on.

They were different model (a hundred bucks cheaper than the ones agreed upon (This is slightly illegal).

(Someone not knowledgeable about tires would not have noticed this.)

Another time….(Everett, MA)

Really loud scraping sound after tires were changed over. Took back and was told nothing was wrong, and they couldn’t hear it. (Come on, that was really bad).

Took to mechanic who noticed rear backing plate was bent after they replaced the tires.

Free snow tire change over $42.50 each, which doesn't include balancing.

(Who would put on tires without balancing them).

Please feel free to contact me with your story of unethical / illegal business operations from Town Fair Tire to form a combined front for a legal complaint against the company. 1b4b0eb

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