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town fare advertised free front end alignment with purchase of 4 tires!but after putting the tire on they explained that alignment is 4 a 59 rear wheel drive!my car required a 4 wheel alignment costing $49!!!After i left i realized that is false advertising!!!Also they never ever roadtested the car to know if thier were any problems to correct nor after to see it was done correctly!!I also realized they took only 45 minutes to do both the tires+alignment while an honest alignment alone takes 45m to 1hr to do!!!I fell i got screwed without the lube on 4 chinese overpriced for the crapp they are!!I doubt if they will last 20'00miles while costing me$25 per month as they are smaller in diameter than they are surpost to be even thought they are marked the same size!! I call them the house of deception so beware of false promises of free!!!!

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Brought my Dodge Ram pick up, got 4 new tires. Charged me for a 4 wheel alignment.

Went to show my

Mechanic the tires he saw the bill.

He called the store and asked, how did you move the rear axle?

Went back to Natick Mass. store and got my money back for the alignment.


Will someone please delete this morons complaint he is a complete DUMBELL


Go get your 2wheel alingment at ryder tire with your new recap tires


Also u drive down the road. On all four tires not just two.

U need to align the two front tires to something.

I never heard of a half of an alignment they align the two front tires with the back so the truck or car tracks straight. 49 bux ischeap for alignment sears is 89 bux so next timeuget 4 new tires dont bother getting alingment and in 6 months when the tires are all worn out uneven and the treads are cupping youll know y u need alignment 4 wheel or in your case 2 wheel alignment DUMB ***

to Anonymous #1436900

You have never heard of a half of an alignment...so what is the free front wheel alignment that town fair advertises?


Yes you are 100% correct-They are THE HOUSE OF Deception and what they do IS FALSE ADVERTISING !

Lakewood, Washington, United States #899794

Wow, looking at garyo's loose grasp of English and the fact that he purchased cheap chinese tires--on a payment plan no less!--it appears that he's the root cause of his problems. Seriously, it's clear that their are communication issues and making a prudent decision.

Part of my job is dealing with customers and I've encountered characters like this person.

They're oblivious to the chaos they generate and when things invariably go upside down they always consider themselves to be the victim. Common sense doesn't apply and any attempt to placate them is futile. Frankly, the customer is not always right although I treat them as if they are.

I realize the complaint was left 4 years ago but I found it just now after a friend asked me to research Prometer brand tires. For the record, I have no dog in this race and neither do I work for or have any association with that repair shop, I'm not even in the same state.

Good luck with those tire shaped lumps of rubber.

Please don't tailgate me. Thanks

to Hoo-boy #900158

Per your own words they sell shity tires and lie about Aligments  They lie like a rug !

to Hoo-boy Leominster, Massachusetts, United States #1075386

Should be "there are communication issues" not "their are ...."

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #880351

First of all, Learn how to spell! I go to Town Fair all the time.

You should know what you're getting up front. You bought the cheapest tires available and your *** about an alignment? Your tires are made in china. You will be lucky if they don't all blowout on you.

They always give a free front end alignment with a tire purchase. Not a free 4 wheel alignment. Most cars today need a 4 wheel, so you have to pay an extra $49. So what's your problem?

They never road test cars, If they did we would all be there waiting all day for our cars to be serviced.

I am a retired mechanic, A 4 wheel alignment does not take 1 hour to do, because most times the tech only has to adjust what is out of factory specs and re adjust to be within factory settings.

to Taurus #881178

So you admit they sell Garbage tires from China that are Not worth the price paid as you admit they "may blow out- are garbage and will get lousy mileage " -your words not mine ! A four wheel Alignment from any car dealer in the USA takes one hour minimum as does Chilton allow 1hour and require a road test !

The Alignment is NOT FREE if you MUST buy tires to get it free as admittedly by you they OVERCHARGE for what you get and worst DO NOT EVEN DO THE ALIGNMENT ! Its a full blown SCAM !

The last car to require only a front end alignment was a 59 Chevy-rear wheel drive ! The public does not know that so again its a scam and a lie to steal peoples hard earned money and laugh all the way to the bank !

to Taurus #1433985

You are a dolt and its a good thing you are retired. How do you align the tires on a straight axle?

You don't. You can make sure the rear are in line with the front but you are not doing toe caster or camber.

In their front end alignment they only do toe leaving the caster and camber out of line... how is the front aligned if those are not done?


I bought a car a few months ago that needed front end work. I did upper and lower ball joints, bearings, tierod ends, and all bushings.

I took the car to town fair tire in north haven ct, and had them do a 4 wheel alignment. Now, b4 they took it, I warned them that the car had aluminum wheel spacers needed for the rims it has, and the WILL strip if they use a air gun on them. So they took the car in back, and I decide to have a cigarette. I go out side and walk over near the over head doors, and I didn't even get a chance to light the cig b4 I hear BRRRRRRRRROOOOOOO .....

Oh s***! I walk over to look in and see my car, a Mexican not familiar with the English language with a air gun in his hand, and 2 of my lug nuts, with lugs still attached in his other hand. I proceeded to let the whole town Kno all at once how pissed I was. The screaming was so loud, a cop at the dunkin donuts (lol, figures) across the street came over to see what was up.

He thought it was a fight! I told them I wanted the alignment for free, and they agreed. I also told them I wanted compensation for the $50 spacer they castrated, and they told me, and I quote "town fair tire is not responsible for any aftermarket parts on vehicles". The screaming started again.

I ended up walking away with a free alignment, and 20 bucks (they agreed to half because I'm 6 foot 8 and 290 and the manager parked too far away from the building to not compensate ;-) on the way home I noticed the car pulling to the right, and the steering wheel shook quite a bit. I wrote it off as having 2 out of 4 lugs, and parked the car. I did a motor swap, ordered and installed the spacer, and took the car for a joy ride. The shimmy in the steering wheel was STILL THERE though not as violent, and it STILL pulled!

I took it back, and the manager immediately went on break (rofl) I made them put it back up on the machine, and it came back 10 min later as " no adjustment needed". They proceeded to tell me the tie rod ends and bearings were shot in both wheels, which is why I have the pull and shimmy. Hmmmm, I must have imagined taking a weekend replacing the whole front end. Funny how that happens.

So I did a burnout out of their garage, and all the way around the building completely smoking out the inside (lucky me the doors were wide open and snow tires make a nice thick cloud) and never went back.

I took the car to a friend with a shop, and he did it with two tape measures and two straight edges, and the car drives beautiful! There is absolutely no excuse for ignorance and stupidity, town fair tire included

to f*** town fair tire Middletown, Connecticut, United States #699373

After they replaced 2 tires (really, really long story becomes 4 tires)I now believe I need new bearings but according to them a bad front end alignment causes no damage (except two 1/2 bald tires).The damage is a shaking gas peddle. Good thing I am a chick who takes no ***.They actually gave it back to me they first time stil half bald, OMG!.

Next to find a mechanic to look at it.

anyone who can help. djac547324@aol.com


Town Fair Tire stole tire, so I would have to buy 4 new tires,.

They acknowledge the loss of the tire, yet will only reimburse for 1 tire, although they sent e-mail they would reimburse 75% of remaining 3 tires, plus full amount for missing tire|.

Went to store who said it was only for their cost, not my printed receipt:. Spoke to customer service at corporate who stated they will not honor e-mail amount, only 1 tire". I have written documents, that they are unwilling to acknowledge|.

It is their mistake and I should not have to purchase 4 new tires at full retail cost from their store/.

• Town Fair Tire lost 1 of my 4 matched summer tires during a recent snow tire change over|.

• They are no longer manufactured;.

• Rafael stated that they would be able to get a comparable tire, but not the same.

• I don't want mismatched tires on the car.

• I am requesting 4 new tires, or a refund of the purchase price for the tires $483.36 ($114.00 per tire with 6% sales tax).

10-28-2011 (Everett, MA)

Paid $42.50 for balancing and new valve stems for "free" snow tire change over from summer tires.

--They replaced only 1 valve stem, not all 4. Service writer verified.

--Requested to fix a flat, they didn't.

(The actual rim was damaged, but not notified until I went to a different company.)

11-28-2011 (Everett, MA)

Took car back to Town Fair Tire a month later due to flat not being fixed.

Paid another $42.50 a month later for balancing and new valve stems for "free" snow tire change over back to the summer rims due to a leaking rim, not fixed nor notified of the first time.

--Waited 3 hrs getting snow tires changed over to nice summer rims.

--They did not put spare back in place.

-- Lost my personal allen wrench to *** cover

(They did give me a replacement one after I mentioned it).

--They lost 1 of my matched tires. Service writer notified. Not resolved at this time.

Previous trips…. (Danvers, MA)

Snow tire change over, tires only had 15 PSI which was very dangerous, since it is supposed to be 32 PSI.

Another time…(Danvers, MA)

Key to remove rim cover was not returned. Had to buy a new wrench from Koenig about 18 bucks with shipping.

Another time….(Danvers, MA)

2nd time Key to remove rim cover was not returned.

Bought allen bolts so I wouldn’t have to buy another specialty wrench from Koenig.

The allen wrench for the new screws is now missing after this last visit.

(They did give me a replacement wrench after mentioning it was gone).

Another time….(Everett, MA)

Tried to buy new tires by matching prices.

I arrived to buy the tires, and asked to see the tires before they put them on.

They were different model (a hundred bucks cheaper than the ones agreed upon (This is slightly illegal).

(Someone not knowledgeable about tires would not have noticed this.)

Another time….(Everett, MA)

Really loud scraping sound after tires were changed over. Took back and was told nothing was wrong, and they couldn’t hear it. (Come on, that was really bad).

Took to mechanic who noticed rear backing plate was bent after they replaced the tires.

Free snow tire change over $42.50 each, which doesn't include balancing.

(Who would put on tires without balancing them).

Please feel free to contact me with your story of unethical / illegal business operations from Town Fair Tire to form a combined front for a legal complaint against the company. 1b4b0eb


Wait till you go in to have them fix a flat tire. First they will try to sell you a new tire. Then when you say no you will be waiting 2 hrs for the Free repair that they are so happy to tell you about when you bought your tires.


In April 2011, I went to Town Fair Tire in East Hartford, CT it cost me $890.00 for (4) tires for my S-40 Volvo. They didn't balanced or give me an aligment.

My car bounced all over road when I hit a bump or drove on the highway. I was at the shop for 4 hours. They may have reasonal tire prices but the customer service is horrible. I complained to the manager but he was just as bad as his employees (dummy).

I finally drove my car to Volvo dealership to correct this problem. I will never purchase tires at Town Fair Tire again.

to sarah911 Torrington, Connecticut, United States #579987

I just bought 4 new winter tires from the Torrington, CT Town Fair Tire store and added the back alignment for an additional $49. since I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and the front alignment was already included with purchase.

They folded and gave me my paperwork and keys when done.

Once home, I noticed the paperwork showed the alignment was not complete, I still had a couple wheels out of alignment per their computer printout and one wheel has the word FROZEN written across it. I would think they have a responsibility to let the customer know if they were unable to provide what they were paid for, given instruction as to what the customer needs to do to be safe on the road and/or refund the money for an alignment they could not complete.

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